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Güvenlik Kodu
Webperon PR
JE Webperon
Heavy Machines & Construction

- Expansive world size of over 10km², providing a vast and immersive gameplay environment.
- Realistic physics simulations for rope, mud, excavation, cargo, and concrete, enhancing the overall authenticity of the game.
- Accurate vehicle physics, mechanics, sounds, and interior designs, ensuring a realistic driving experience.
- A diverse selection of 30 vehicles and heavy machinery, each with its unique characteristics and purposes, allowing players to tackle a variety of tasks.
- Trailers that can be coupled with trucks, enabling the transportation of any type of cargo or vehicle.
- Over 100 logistics, mining, and construction tasks to complete, providing a wide range of gameplay challenges and objectives.
- Automatic cargo loading and sorting mechanisms, streamlining the gameplay and enhancing efficiency.
- An AI traffic system that adds liveliness and realism to the game world, creating a dynamic environment.
- A leveling system to track and reward player progression, unlocking new vehicles, tasks, and features as you advance.
- A realistic navigation system to assist players in finding their destinations and completing tasks effectively.
- Various sizes of transportable cargo, offering a diverse range of challenges and requiring strategic planning.
- Dynamic day and night cycle, immersing players in a realistic time progression.
- Fuel consumption mechanics and gas stations, adding an additional layer of realism and resource management.
- Randomly generated repeatable tasks that provide an endless source of gameplay, ensuring a high level of replayability and increasing the overall experience.